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Rooms are available with great views at Kalpitya, Magalle, and Upper diction road.

Delicious SAHANA fried rise.

Fresh n' hot , Get our fried rice roundup.

SAHANA Chicken Drumsticks

The tastiest, delicious recopies for sweet and hot chicken drumsticks from across SAHANA


SAHANA Chefs have the skillet takes to be good at what they do

Overseas Customers.

The key is to over-deliver on our customers’ buying experience – to impress them with something they were not expecting from us

SAHANA Locations.

Cool spot, Snack bar, Restaurant, Home stay...

SAHANA- Local Customers

SAHANA gives personal attention, online and offline for their Local Customers

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home5All of our products are carefully selected to offer premium quality and authenticity to our customers. Our wide and ever-increasing range includes melt-in-the-mouth pastries, buttery viennoiserie, tempting Continental savouries and versatile speciality breads.

We believe that these products should offer the ultimate in quality and freshness when they reach the consumer – that’s what bakery is about after all! That’s why our range focuses on frozen bake-off products, as this gives our customers the convenience of baking-off products as and when they need them, with the additional benefits of the theatre and unmistakable, tempting aroma of fresh baking. We also offer thaw and serve products where this delivery method offers the best quality and freshness at the point of sale.

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